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HACCP Certification

Duration: 2.5
Qualification: HACCP Certification
Course Access: Lifetime
Exam Included: Yes
Compatibility: All modern browsers and devices


HAACP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Certification

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system is an internationally-recognised approach to managing and monitoring food safety risks. It is underpinned by seven principles that, when properly utilised, protect consumers from food-related hazards.

This course will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the HACCP principles and will explain how they apply in real-life situations.

You will Learn:

  • How HACCP started
  • Where HACCP was first used
  • The seven principles that make up HACCP
  • How to conduct a hazard assessment
  • What is meant by the term ‘critical control points’
  • How to locate critical control points
  • The role of critical limits in reducing food safety risks
  • Why you must implement a reliable set of monitoring procedures, and what to do, if you identify a problem
  • The role of sound record keeping in HACCP, and how to check that your safety measures are working

Benefits of Taking this Course:

  • Anyone who works in the food industry will benefit from learning about HACCP and its applications
  • If you own a food business, this course will help you meet your obligations under the law
  • If you are responsible for supervising others or undertaking risk assessments, this course will help you identify potential hazards
  • If you have an interest in consumer or occupational health, this course will be a valuable introduction to a key topic within the food safety field
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