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IAG Policy

IAG services are in place to help learners make an informed decision about future options. This statement briefly outlines the available services and facilities for learners engaged with the Skills Pad. Our aim is to offer a customer focused service, which is convenient for all clients to access and provide up to date, comprehensive and impartial information, advice and guidance.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that effective arrangements exist to help individuals apply their knowledge, skills and experience to make well-informed and realistic decisions about their future options. It offers opportunities for reviewing, learning, assessing, setting up new goals and recording achievements in a variety of areas. It also aims to improve retention, destination data and raise aspirations of all learners across all levels and subjects of study.

This policy also ensures that arrangements exist for developing individual’s roles and opportunities in education, training and employment. It allows individuals to develop the skills necessary to access, interpret and use labour market information (LMI), advice and guidance, to be realistic and ambitious about personal capabilities and aspirations, and make informed decisions about future career progression

Policy Context

All learners need a planned programme of activities to help them choose pathways that are right for them, support them in being able to manage their life choices and sustain employability throughout their lives.

IAG is designed to meet the needs of the learners at Skills Pad and those who are considering learning here. It is impartial, differentiated and personalised to ensure progression, through activities that are appropriate to the stage of the learner in terms of their career, learning, planning and development. Learners are entitled to IAG which meets professional standards of practice and which is person-centred, impartial and confidential

Key IAG principles

  • A confidential, impartial and objective information and advice service concerning learning opportunities, skills and qualifications, career progression and how to access them.
  • A signposting and referral service to other agencies if we are unable to offer the information or advice you require.
  • Is personalised, provides opportunities to identify and respond to the needs of the individual, and builds on previous learning and experience.
  • Is inclusive, recognises and promotes equality and diversity, challenges stereotypes and is sensitive to faith, culture and background.
  • Contributes to increasing participation, retention and achievement by raising aspirations, helping students to make informed choices and to develop career management skills that will deliver positive destinations for all learners.

Careers information, advice and guidance include:

  • Pre-entry course information and advice on post 16 pathways.
  • On course and progression information, advice and guidance.
  • Exit guidance to ensure positive destinations.
  • Apprentices progression planning.

Learner Entitlement

  • All learners and prospective learners are entitled to accurate course information and advice on progression routes. The Engagement team provide impartial information, advice and guidance to assist with course choice, career planning and transition into further study or employment.
  • At induction all learners are entitled to receive information about additional support services.
  • All learners are entitled to progression information and assistance with progression choices from Skills Coaches and tutors.
  • All learners have access to professionally qualified guidance staff

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To provide as much relevant information as can be given to be able to respond to enquiries fully.
  • To make contact promptly if there are questions or concerns about studies
  • To attend all interviews, which have been arranged with staff on time
  • To make contact if appointments need to be cancelled or rescheduled
  • To be honest and open with us, and work towards meeting agreed aims
  • To be actively involved in and take ownership of their progression planning and career development.
  • To complete any smart targets set by the Skills Coach / Tutor.
  • To work co-operatively with staff and fellow learners, respecting the views of others and the principles of equality and diversity.

Skills Pad Management team

  • Relevant staffs are aware of this procedure.
  • There are sufficient qualified, experienced staff and up to date resources.
  • All staff has access to training, support and resources which are appropriate to their role.
  • There are strategic curriculum plans (intent, implementation and impact) which supports the IAG agenda
  • Linking with a curriculum area to plan and develop tailored careers education activities for learners.
  • Lesson plans and resources are available for curriculum staff to use themselves.

Engagement Team

  • Provide sufficient course information and advice to enable prospective learners to make suitable choices pre-entry and during induction activities.
  • Ensure that they are aware of specialist services, maintaining effective working links and making referrals for pre-entry, on course and progression careers guidance when required.
  • Ensure that learners are aware of specialist services and course-based support.
  • Provide information related to all progression options (further study, employment, self-employment and Apprenticeships).
  • Promote equality of opportunity, being aware of confidentiality issues and dealing sensitively with information disclosed by learners.
  • Monitor and record all progressions and destinations (intended and actual) for learners to ensure they progress to a positive outcome.

Skills Coaches and Tutors

  • Provide sufficient course information and advice to enable prospective learners to make suitable choices during induction activities and throughout the programme of study.
  • Provide information related to all progression options (further study, employment, self-employment and Apprenticeships).
  • Ensure that there is an appropriate combination of careers education, information, advice and guidance opportunities which are appropriate to their learners’ needs throughout the programme of study.
  • Promote equality of opportunity, being aware of confidentiality issues and dealing sensitively with information disclosed by learners.
  • Signpost learners to alternative provision or specialist agencies.


In order to provide the best possible service, we keep a record of learner’s details and a summary of their discussions with us. This record can only be accessed by authorised staff that may need to see this information as part of their work. Skills Pad complies with the requirements of the GDPR regulations 2018/ Data Protection Act 1998.

Equal Opportunities

Skills Pad welcomes enquiries from all people regardless of their age, race, colour, gender, and sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, disability, marital status, or background.

Skills Pad is committed to the aim that everybody is given equal opportunity to access our IAG services and training resources.

Feedback: Compliments, Comments and Complaints

To help us continuously improve our service and address learners’ needs we want to hear from our customers, if so desired, this can be done anonymously.

If customers would like to comment on or compliment the service, or make a complaint, relevant forms are available at Skills Pad offices reception or they may refer to the complaints and appeals procedure.

Our complaints procedure explains clearly how complaints should be made and how these and any unresolved issues are dealt with. All complaints are dealt with in the strictest confidence.


Skills Pad will quality assure the activities detailed within this policy through observation of the guidance service; completion of monthly staff 1:1s, observation of teaching and learning and progress reviews. External scrutiny will be encouraged through assessments such as the Matrix accreditation.
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