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The Financial Services and Markets Act Certification

Duration: 0.75
Qualification: The Financial Services and Markets Act Certification
Course Access: Lifetime
Exam Included: Yes
Compatibility: All major devices and browsers


The Financial Services and Markets Act

Finance is key to economic development. It provides an investment basis and supports the flow of income and expenses. A country’s financial sector transforms its economic savings into investments. An efficient financial sector does not just accomplish that, but also encourages savings and increased investment.

Eventually, it results in increased income levels, and faster economic growth of the country. The financial sector also provides money and methods of payments to support the exchange of economic goods and services. However, financial regulation is key to the efficient functioning of the financial sector.

Financial regulation comes in to offer varied benefits to both consumers and players in the industry. This course covers the Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA) in the United Kingdom. It is a key regulator of the UK financial sector.

First, we give extensive details about the Act. The course explains what it is and the varied functions it plays in the UK’s financial sector. It further explains the different regulatory bodies that work under the Financial Services and Markets Act, including subordinate legislation. Next, it states the various regulated financial activities in the UK under the financial framework. Finally, it concludes with a few benefits of regulating a financial services market.

You Will Lean:

  • What the Financial Services and Markets Act is and what it does
  • The key roles and functions of the FSMA
  • The regulatory bodies working under the Financial Services and Markets Act
  • The benefits of regulating the financial services sector
  • The varied functions of the FCA, PRA and FPC

Benefits of This Course

    Taking this Course Will Help You:

  • Understand the role of financial regulators
  • Understand the different aspects of the financial services sector that the Act affects
  • Understand the Financial Services and Markets Act and its role in the UK’s financial services sector
  • Learn the various bodies or regimes involved in financial regulation
  • Learn the importance of financial regulation
  • Gain basic knowledge of industry regulation before entering the financial sector to start a business
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