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Learning to Learn Certification

Duration: 0.25
Qualification: Learning to Learn Certification
Course Access: Lifetime
Exam Included: Yes
Compatibility: All modern browsers and devices


Learning to Learn Certification

Learning isn’t just for teenagers and young adults – older people are increasingly likely to seek out opportunities to pick up new skills and knowledge.

In this course, you will discover why learning is beneficial to people of all ages and how to get the most from your learning journey.

You will Learn:

  • Why your attitude to learning is an important determining factor of your success
  • The benefits of learning in later life
  • Why traditional learning techniques are not always helpful
  • The two most effective learning techniques and how to use them
  • How to use flashcards when studying and reviewing material

Benefits of Taking this Course:

  • If you are thinking of returning to education or learning something new, this course will help you prepare for the challenges ahead
  • If you are already a mature learner, this course will help you improve your performance
  • If you are a teacher or trainer, this course will help you understand how your students learn
  • If you are interested in educational psychology, this course will provide you with a useful insight into how we retain information
  • If you are supporting a colleague, relative or friend who is starting to learn as an adult, this course will provide you with insight into the difficulties that they may face
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