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Staying Safe Online Certificate

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Equip teens with critical cyber safety skills through our comprehensive online course. Participants will learn to navigate the internet securely, protect personal and financial information, and recognize and handle online threats effectively. This course is essential for fostering responsible online behavior and ensuring safety in the digital world.

Modules Include
Module 01: Internet Safety Concerns for College Students
Module 02: How College Students can Keep Safe Online

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Staying Safe Online Certificate: Essential Cyber Safety for Teens

In today’s digital age, teenagers and youngsters are incredibly adept at navigating the internet for studying, entertainment, and socializing. Despite their digital fluency, learning to navigate the web safely is crucial to protect their personal, physical, and financial safety.

This course is designed to heighten awareness and instill vigilance among young internet users, equipping them with the skills to stay safe from various online threats.

What You Will Learn in the Staying Safe Online Certificate Course:

Benefits of the Staying Safe Online Certificate Course:

  • Adopt rules of responsible online behaviour to enhance your internet safety.
  • Protect yourself from online extremism by recognizing and reacting to danger signals.
  • Conduct commercial transactions securely without exposing sensitive financial details.
  • Navigate the internet safely to avoid cyber stalkers and sexual predators.

Cyber safety is crucial for protecting personal information online.

The internet offers immense benefits but also presents significant risks, especially for adolescents transitioning to adulthood. This course provides the right foundation for teens to understand and implement essential and vital online safety practices.

Empower yourself or your teen with the knowledge to use the internet confidently and safely by enrolling in the Staying Safe Online Course.


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