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Method Statements Certificate

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Master the essentials of crafting and implementing method statements with our Method Statement Certificate course. Designed for construction professionals, this course teaches you to identify risks, comply with regulations, and enhance site safety. Gain the skills to write comprehensive method statements that support effective project management and safety compliance. Ideal for improving project outcomes and advancing your career in construction management.

Modules Include

Module 01: What Is a Method Statement?

What a Method Statement is
Why a Method Statement is a health and safety requirement, particularly in the construction industry

Module 02: Why Are Method Statements Mainly Used in the Construction Industry?

What the construction industry is, and why it’s particularly risky
How Method Statements protect workers from risks and dangers
The potential risks and hazards in the construction industry

Module 03: Drafting Method Statements and Their Legality

Who is in charge of producing the Method Statement
The relationship between Method Statements and other relevant documents
The legal requirements of Method Statements

Module 04: The Information Included in the Method Statement

The requirements for writing a successful Method Statement

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Method Statements Certificate Course Overview

Enroll in our Method Statements Certificate course to master essential safety practices in construction management. This course is perfect for professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in project safety and legal compliance.

Why Method Statements?

Discover the importance of method statements in the construction industry. These documents are crucial for planning safe operations and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.

What Will You Learn?

Understanding Method Statements

Learn the foundational concepts behind method statements and their critical role in construction projects.

Risk Management

Identify potential hazards and understand the legal frameworks that govern workplace safety. This knowledge is vital for crafting effective method statements that mitigate risks.

Drafting and Implementation

Gain the skills to write and implement detailed method statements that enhance site safety and operational efficiency.

Course Benefits

Enhanced Safety Practices

Achieve a higher standard of project planning and risk management with our comprehensive training.

Regulatory Expertise

Stay updated on legal requirements and ensure your projects comply with construction safety regulations.

Career Advancement

Equip yourself with specialized knowledge that boosts your value in the construction industry, making you a key player in any project team.

Enroll Today

Take your construction career to the next level by enrolling in our Method Statements Certificate course. Gain the necessary skills to enhance safety and compliance on every project you manage.

Learn More

For more insights into creating effective method statements and ensuring compliance with construction safety standards, visit the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) at CITB Method Statements.


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