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The Complete Sage 50 Accounting Diploma

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Enhance your accounting expertise with the Complete Sage 50 Accounting Diploma. This comprehensive course covers all aspects of Sage 50, from basic functions to advanced features. Ideal for professionals seeking to streamline their accounting processes and boost their career prospects. Enroll today for in-depth training and certification.

Modules Include

Sage 50 Accounting for Beginners Diploma
Sage 50 Accounts Advanced Diploma
Sage 50 Accounts Intermediate Diploma

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The Complete Sage 50 Accounting Diploma Course

Please note: This course does not include the Sage software. Learn more about Sage software.

The Complete Sage 50 Accounting Diploma Course covers one of the most common accounting packages used by small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. Sage 50 is easy to install and automatically updates to ensure users comply with the latest UK legislation. It is a good choice for those moving from manual to computerised accounting. However, to get the best from Sage 50, it is important to become familiar with its functions and how to use them effectively.

Once mastered, Sage 50 allows you to manage accounts, keep track of invoices, and produce sales reports. This special combined course will enable you to become a proficient user of Sage 50. Each of the three courses provides step-by-step instructions to carry out the most common accounting functions necessary for the day-to-day running of small to medium businesses.

Since Sage 50 is used across all sectors, this knowledge will be useful to anyone working in the financial side of a business. Below is an outline of what you can expect from this combined course.

What You Will Learn

Sage 50 Accounting for Beginners

This course teaches you the basics of account management and provides an overview of computerised accounting. You will learn the basic principles behind account-keeping within a business context and be shown the advantages of the Sage 50 software.

Initially, the course guides you through your first experiences with Sage 50, demonstrating how to navigate the basic features while taking you through the process of entering new company information. It then addresses essential transactions and processes, including bank reconciliation, managing petty cash, creating supplier records, and producing sales invoices.

In addition, you will learn shortcut keys to use Sage 50 more efficiently. By the end of the course, you will appreciate accounting as a discipline and have practical knowledge of the software.

Sage 50 Accounts Intermediate

Building on the concepts learned in the beginners’ course, this course assumes that you have a working knowledge of the basic features and an understanding of simple transactions. You will begin by learning about accruals and prepayments, as well as the calculation of assets and depreciation. Advanced transactions and fixing errors such as inaccurately processed assets will also be covered.

Stock control and monitoring are also covered in depth. This enables you to manage stock levels with confidence. Additionally, you will learn how to create an audit trail for complex transactions, such as those involving discounted items and credit notes.

Sage 50 Accounts Advanced

Moving beyond everyday transactions, this course emphasizes the processes required in chasing debt and credit control. You will learn why quotations are important and how they can improve sales. Understanding how businesses recover credit and payment from customers, and maintaining accurate records during the process, will be key aspects.

Audit trails are a crucial part of accurate accounting. Further knowledge and insight into this process will be gained during the course. You will also get a better understanding of budgeting and how to correct common mistakes in record-keeping. Finally, the course will help you develop skills in producing customized reports.

The Benefits of Our Complete Sage 50 Accounting Course

This course provides a complete overview of all the main accounting tools Sage 50 offers, from the basic to the advanced. It makes you an attractive candidate for any position that entails company accounts, including invoicing and debt management.

Not only will you be a proficient user of Sage 50 software, but you will also demonstrate an in-depth understanding of how financial matters are controlled within a business.

Benefits of taking the Complete Sage 50 Accounting Diploma:

  • Study at home and online
  • Study at your own pace
  • Access to full online support while completing the course
  • Easy-to-read modules packed with information
  • No entry requirements
  • Chance to receive an accredited qualification upon completion

If you are responsible for keeping company accounts within a small or medium-sized business, this combined course will ensure that you feel confident in completing everyday transactions regularly.

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