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Facilities Management Diploma

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Embark on a successful career in facilities management with our comprehensive Facilities Management Diploma course. Designed for both aspiring and seasoned professionals, this course provides in-depth knowledge and practical skills across all aspects of facilities management, from operational efficiency to strategic planning. Gain expertise in space management, health and safety regulations, and vendor relations to enhance your capabilities and advance your career in this dynamic field.

Modules Include

Module 1: An Introduction to Successful Facilities Management

The definition, purpose and objectives of facilities management in an organisation
The differences between in-house and outsourced facilities management
The role of facilities management and the value that it can add
Important personal attributes, skills and knowledge needed to be a Facilities Manager

Module 2: Managing Space Requirements and Space Planning

The definition of space planning and its importance within facilities management
How to draw up effective space management guidelines
What space utilisation rates are and how to make improvements to them for the benefit of the business
Factors to consider when choosing new business premises

Module 3: Managing Workplace Services

The definition of hard and soft facilities services
The use of Building Management Systems and how they can help you to control services such as heating, lighting, air-conditioning and fire management
How to ensure the provision of water and toilet facilities, effective waste disposal, car parking and IT services to the workforce
Creating a safe and secure working environment, including the use of CCTV and security personnel

Module 4: Managing Employees and Contractors

How to hire specialist contractors and subcontractors
The benefits and potential problems of working with contractors
The key parts of a contract for services agreement, including important legal clauses
Recruiting and working with employees, including their statutory entitlements

Module 5: Leases, Purchasing and Vendor Management

Types of commercial leases and licences and key terms associated with each arrangement
Purchasing, leasing and renting equipment for your business and how to establish the true cost of purchasing equipment
How to draw up an effective purchasing strategy for your business
Finding and selecting the most appropriate suppliers and vendors for your business

Module 6: Health and Safety at Work

The role of the Health and Safety at Work Act and The Health and Safety Executive in relation to health and safety in the workplace
Some statistics regarding accidents at work
Your responsibilities in relation to accident reporting and documentation
How to prevent accidents at work, including risk assessments, training and the provision of personal protective equipment

Module 7: Co-ordinating Maintenance and Repairs

The key stages in the life cycle of assets, with a particular focus on maintenance and operation from a facilities management perspective
Different types of maintenance management strategies, including preventative maintenance, risk based maintenance, corrective maintenance and emergency corrective maintenance
Information about the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)
Common types of maintenance arrangements for HVAC, lifts and escalators and powered doors and gates

Module 8: Facilities Management Projects

A definition of project management and how it can be used effectively within a facilities management setting
The five main phases of project management
Some common types of facilities management project that you may be involved in
Planning your facilities project

Module 9: Managing Costs and Business Continuity Planning

The importance of cost control in business and effective ways to manage or reduce your costs
Some examples of cost cutting measures that a Facilities Manager might put in place
Compiling budgets, balance sheets and asset registers
The concept of business continuity and how to draw up a robust business continuity plan

Module 10: The Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility in Facilities Management

The characteristics of a sustainable or green business
Specific ways to improve the sustainability of your organisation, from recycling to purchasing green products
A definition of corporate social responsibility and why it is important
How to create an effective corporate social responsibility strategy

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Facilities Management Diploma Overview

Embark on a successful career with our Facilities Management Diploma. This comprehensive course is ideal for both newcomers and seasoned professionals in facilities management, covering essential aspects from operational efficiency to strategic planning.

Who Should Enroll

Ideal for individuals aspiring to advance their career, this diploma provides the necessary skills and insights for effective management of facilities. Therefore, it’s perfect for those new to the field as well as experienced professionals seeking to enhance their expertise.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Facilities Management: Learn the crucial role of facilities management within an organization, highlighting both strategic and operational impacts. Moreover, grasp how these functions drive organizational success.
  • Core Skills for Facilities Managers: Acquire vital skills needed to excel in facilities management, focusing on leadership, strategy, and operational efficiency. Additionally, career progression strategies are thoroughly explored.
  • Space Management: Master techniques for optimal space utilization and learn about new premises sourcing and management. Similarly, understand the complexities of managing moves efficiently.
  • Workplace Services Management: Gain insights into managing essential services such as heating, lighting, security, and IT systems. Furthermore, develop a comprehensive understanding of how these services contribute to the overall work environment.
  • People Management: Develop effective strategies for managing relationships with employees, contractors, and suppliers. Also, delve into understanding your legal responsibilities.
  • Procurement and Vendor Management: Understand advanced negotiation and supplier management techniques. Moreover, explore different leasing types and their implications.
  • Health and Safety: Dive into comprehensive safety protocols including risk assessments and emergency procedures. Consequently, ensure a safe work environment.
  • Quality Control and Maintenance: Explore maintenance strategies to ensure facility quality. Additionally, learn about common maintenance arrangements.
  • Project Management in Facilities: Discover how project management principles apply in the context of facilities management. Also, learn how to manage facilities projects successfully.
  • Cost Management: Learn how to manage and optimize facility-related costs effectively. Furthermore, work with financial documents such as budgets and balance sheets.

Benefits of Taking the Diploma

  • Flexibility: Study from anywhere, anytime, using any internet-enabled device. Moreover, adapt your learning schedule to fit your needs.
  • Self-Paced Learning: Progress through the diploma at your own pace, without any deadlines. Additionally, enjoy the freedom to revisit content as needed.
  • Engaging Material: Engage with informative and enjoyable content designed to make learning effective. Furthermore, the interactive modules ensure that studying remains interesting.
  • Support: Access our online support system to enhance your learning experience. Additionally, gain help whenever needed to ensure you stay on track.
  • Certification: Earn a recognized diploma that significantly enhances your professional credentials. Furthermore, open up new career opportunities in facilities management.

For more information on the value and career opportunities provided by a Facilities Management Diploma, visit International Facility Management Association.



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