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Operations Management Diploma

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Jumpstart your management career with our Operations Management Diploma. This comprehensive course covers key aspects like project management, supply chain optimization, and process efficiency, equipping you with the tools to improve organizational performance. Perfect for aspiring managers and business professionals.

Modules Include

Module 1: An Introduction to Successful Operations Management

A broad definition of operations management, including its purpose and its key principles
What successful operations management looks like
A brief history of operations management
The key skills, experience and personal attributes that you need to be an Operations Manager

Module 2: Supply Chain Management Part 1 – Purchasing and Inventory

Definitions of logistics and supply chain management
Purchasing within SCM – why it is important
Purchasing within SCM – steps in the process and how to find suppliers
Purchasing within SCM – documents in the process and when things go wrong

Module 3: Supply Chain Management Part 2 – Product Development and Production

How to identify your target market
Conducting primary and secondary market research and different methods that you can use
Key stages of the product development process
The production and scheduling process and different types of production, including job, batch and flow production

Module 4: Supply Chain Management Part 3 – Product Distribution and Marketing

Defining product distribution and different distribution channels
Key individuals and parties involved in the distribution process
Things to consider in the packaging and presentation of your product
Deciding on delivery options for customers

Module 5: Finance and Managing Costs

The importance of finance and cost management to the field of operations management
Some key financial terminology and documents
The importance of and how to compile budgets, balance sheets and asset registers
What depreciation is and some common ways in which to calculate it

Module 6: Working with Employees, Contractors and Other Workers

An overview of different employment statuses, such as employed staff, contractors, subcontractors, agency workers and zero hours contracts
Managing employed staff, including contractual clauses and statutory entitlements
Contractors and subcontractors – advantages and disadvantages of using them and how to work with them in the best possible way
Common clauses within contracts for services

Module 7: An Introduction to Project Management

What project management is and how it can relate to your role as an Operations Manager
The five key phases of project management
Examples of operations management projects, or common projects types that you may be involved in
What SMART objectives are and how to write them

Module 8: More Project Methodologies in Operations Management

A definition of Six Sigma and its main principles
Different tools and methodologies that you can use within the Six Sigma process
Some strengths and potential weaknesses of the approach
How to maximise the value of Six Sigma

Module 9: Maintaining Quality in Operations Management

Ways to ensure quality in the design and productions phases
The important of quality assurance and quality control, including testing
Features of the ISO 9000 standards for quality
Types of quality defects and how to deal with them

Module 10: Socially and Environmentally Responsible Operations Management

An examination of corporate social responsibility and why it is an important initiative
How to create an effective corporate social responsibility strategy
A case study of a successful and wide-reaching CSR programme
The characteristics of a sustainable or green business

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Operations Management Diploma Course Overview

Embark on your professional growth journey with our comprehensive Operations Management Diploma. This course is designed to enhance your operational skills and advance your career in management.

Introduction to Operations Management

Initially, the course offers a detailed overview of operations management, ensuring you understand its essential principles and historical evolution. This foundational knowledge sets the stage for more advanced topics.

Core Curriculum and Modules

Our diploma program is structured into several distinct modules, each focusing on key aspects of operations management:

  • Module 1: Foundations of Operations Management Begin with the basics. Here, you’ll explore the roles and responsibilities critical to successful operations management.
  • Module 2: Mastery of Supply Chain Functions Additionally, you will dive into supply chain management, covering essential operations such as purchasing, inventory, product development, and distribution.
  • Module 3: Quality Assurance and Compliance Furthermore, this module teaches you to maintain high-quality standards and adhere to legal regulations, crucial for operational excellence.
  • Module 4: Project Management Techniques Also, apply methodologies like Six Sigma and lean production to optimize your operations, ensuring efficiency and continuous improvement.
  • Module 5: Human Resources and Managing People Moreover, learn effective strategies for managing teams, understanding various employment types, and your legal responsibilities in operations management.
  • Module 6: Financial Management Skills Additionally, tackle financial strategies essential for operations managers, focusing on budgeting, cost management, and financial documentation.
  • Module 7: Sustainable Practices and Ethics Finally, develop strategies for sustainability and corporate social responsibility, crucial for modern operations management.

Enhanced Learning Benefits

  • Flexible Learning Options: Study at your pace, anywhere with internet access.
  • Accessible Resources: Engage with course materials on any device, enhancing your learning experience.
  • Continual Support: Benefit from comprehensive online support as you progress through the diploma.
  • Certification and Recognition: Successfully completing the course earns you a recognized diploma, boosting your career credentials.
  • Cost-Effective Investment: Achieve your educational goals without breaking the bank, thanks to our competitive pricing.


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