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Hotel Management Diploma

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Kickstart your career in the hospitality industry with our Hotel Management Diploma. This course provides you with the expertise needed to excel in hotel operations and management. Learn from industry professionals and gain practical skills that will propel you into leadership roles within the thriving hotel sector.

Modules Include

Module 1: An Introduction to Successful Operations Management

A broad definition of operations management, including its purpose and its key principles
What successful operations management looks like
A brief history of operations management
The key skills, experience and personal attributes that you need to be an Operations Manager

Module 2: Supply Chain Management Part 1 – Purchasing and Inventory

Definitions of logistics and supply chain management
Purchasing within SCM – why it is important
Purchasing within SCM – steps in the process and how to find suppliers
Purchasing within SCM – documents in the process and when things go wrong

Module 3: Supply Chain Management Part 2 – Product Development and Production

How to identify your target market
Conducting primary and secondary market research and different methods that you can use
Key stages of the product development process
The production and scheduling process and different types of production, including job, batch and flow production

Module 4: Supply Chain Management Part 3 – Product Distribution and Marketing

Defining product distribution and different distribution channels
Key individuals and parties involved in the distribution process
Things to consider in the packaging and presentation of your product
Deciding on delivery options for customers

Module 5: Finance and Managing Costs

The importance of finance and cost management to the field of operations management
Some key financial terminology and documents
The importance of and how to compile budgets, balance sheets and asset registers
What depreciation is and some common ways in which to calculate it

Module 6: Working with Employees, Contractors and Other Workers

An overview of different employment statuses, such as employed staff, contractors, subcontractors, agency workers and zero hours contracts
Managing employed staff, including contractual clauses and statutory entitlements
Contractors and subcontractors – advantages and disadvantages of using them and how to work with them in the best possible way
Common clauses within contracts for services

Module 7: An Introduction to Project Management

What project management is and how it can relate to your role as an Operations Manager
The five key phases of project management
Examples of operations management projects, or common projects types that you may be involved in
What SMART objectives are and how to write them

Module 8: More Project Methodologies in Operations Management

A definition of Six Sigma and its main principles
Different tools and methodologies that you can use within the Six Sigma process
Some strengths and potential weaknesses of the approach
How to maximise the value of Six Sigma

Module 9: Maintaining Quality in Operations Management

Ways to ensure quality in the design and productions phases
The important of quality assurance and quality control, including testing
Features of the ISO 9000 standards for quality
Types of quality defects and how to deal with them

Module 10: Socially and Environmentally Responsible Operations Management

The key to dealing with guests via the telephone.
How to deal with a wake up call.
How to deal with guest requests via the telephone.
How to deal with room service.

Module 11 : Payment Methods and Dealing with Foreign Cash

The different payment methods.
How to deal with foreign currency.
About providing foreign exchange services.
How to understand exchange rates.

Module 12 : Front Desk Management

What we mean by front desk management.
The basics.
Understanding roles.
The importance of hiring the correct person.

Module 13 : Housekeeping and Servicing Rooms

The basics of housekeeping.
The basics of servicing rooms.
The importance of these roles.
General cleaning of the hotel.

Module 14 : Building and Facility Management

The basics of building management.
The basics of facility management.
Dealing with emergencies.
The importance of understanding these roles.

Module 15: Front of House Restaurant and Bar

The basic running of the restaurant.
The basic running of the bar.
Dealing with the restaurant/bar managers.
Delegating jobs.

Module 16: Dealing with Lost & Found and Late Checkouts

How to deal with the issue of items that have been lost and found.
The length of time items are kept.
How to deal with the issue of late checkouts.
Dealing with special requests.

Module 17: Hotel Terminology

The key terms and their meaning.
Their importance to the industry.
Learn what GOPPAR is
Learn what an unconstrained demand is

Module 18: Career Progression

How your career can progress from start to finish.
The changing responsibilities with this progression.
The need for additional qualifications.
International opportunities.

Module 19: Leadership Qualities and Engaging with Staff

The qualities of a successful leader.
How to develop those qualities.
How to engage with staff.
Common mistakes that are made with staff.

Module 20: The Key to Paperwork

The different types of paperwork.
How to organise things into a system.
The importance of checking everything.
The key to not being stressed by piles of paperwork.

Module 21: Dealing with Emergencies

How to troubleshoot.
Example of issues and how to deal with them.
How to deal with medical emergencies.
How to deal with overbooking.

Module 22: Dealing with Costs

How to deal with costs.
The importance of upselling.
How to provide value for lower costs.
How to reduce costs.

Module 23: Marketing your Hotel

The basics of marketing your hotel.
The importance of keeping up with technology.
Hotel websites.
Using third parties.

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Introduction to the Hotel Management Diploma Boost your hospitality career with our comprehensive Hotel Management Diploma. This course enhances your skills in hotel operations, focusing on customer service, staff management, and operational excellence.

Curriculum Overview Explore Hotel Management Essentials Firstly, master effective communication with both guests and staff. Our extensive curriculum prepares you for any challenge in hotel management, ensuring you can handle all aspects of hotel operations with confidence.

Core Management Skills Front Desk Operations Efficiently manage the reception area. Smooth check-ins and check-outs are crucial for maintaining high guest satisfaction and operational flow.

Housekeeping Standards Furthermore, maintain rigorous standards in housekeeping. Keep rooms impeccably clean and comfortable, which is vital for upholding the hotel’s reputation for quality.

Leadership and Team Management Moreover, develop and implement strategies for leading hotel operations. Cultivate strong leadership qualities that are essential for managing dynamic teams in a high-pressure environment.

Emergency Preparedness Additionally, learn to professionally handle emergencies and unexpected situations. Acquiring these skills is crucial for effective hotel management.

Advanced Learning Modules Marketing and Guest Relations Develop effective marketing strategies to boost your hotel’s visibility and occupancy rates. Also, enhance your skills in guest relations to consistently exceed guest expectations.

Financial Management for Hotels Similarly, acquire essential skills in financial management. Learn budgeting, financial forecasting, and reporting, which are crucial for the financial health of your hotel.

Incorporating Technology in Hotel Management Lastly, stay updated with the latest technology trends in the industry. Learn how to use advanced property management systems and digital guest services to enhance operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Certification Benefits Completing this course grants you a recognized certification that boosts your employability. Enjoy the flexibility of studying at your own pace through our online platform, with support from experienced instructors.

Why Enroll in Our Hotel Management Diploma? This diploma prepares you for a pivotal management role in the hospitality industry, equipping you with the necessary skills to excel in hotel management and leadership.

Enroll Now Therefore, begin your journey in hotel management by enrolling in our diploma today. For more detailed information, visit our course information page. Equip yourself with the skills necessary for a thriving career in this dynamic industry.

Conclusion In conclusion, our Hotel Management Diploma enhances your professional credentials and sets you on the path to success in the hospitality industry. Join us to become a leader in the vibrant world of hotel management.


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