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Mindfulness for Children Training Programme Certificate

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Earn your Mindfulness for Children Training Programme Certificate to help kids develop focus, creativity, and emotional resilience. Learn effective mindfulness techniques to improve children’s concentration and overall wellbeing.4o

Modules Include

Module 00: Mindfulness for Children Course
Module 01: An Introduction to Mindfulness
Module 02: Sound Exercises
Module 03: Touch
Module 04: Outdoor Activities
Module 05: Vision Exercises
Module 06: Meditation
Module 07: Drawing Exercises
Module 08: Be a Superhero

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Mindfulness for Children Training Programme Certificate Course

Mindfulness is extremely relevant to modern-day living in many ways and it’s important to encourage children to become more mindful. With increasing hours spent watching TV, playing video games, and browsing the Internet, children are becoming more restless and easily distracted. That is why it is important to do the Mindfulness for Children Training Programme Certificate Course.

Training children to be mindful helps them concentrate, calm down, and focus better. Research shows that they are able to perform better at school too. Learn more about the benefits of mindfulness at

Children are able to develop greater minds and demonstrate better imagination and creativity as they become more mindful. Schools and colleges across the UK are implementing regular mindfulness programmes so that students can reap multiple benefits. Read about these initiatives at Mindfulness in Schools Project.

What You Will Learn in the Mindfulness for Children Training Programme Certificate Course:

The course on mindfulness training for children is designed to cover a number of topics for the best results:

  • Conscious vs Subconscious Mind: How to differentiate between the conscious and subconscious mind, and how the mind is related to the tasks that we do. Learn more at Psychology Today.
  • Natural Mindfulness Preparation: How to prepare children to become more mindful in a natural manner without forcing lessons on them.
  • Mindfulness Tasks: How to use different mindfulness tasks and gradually train children to become mindful.
  • Outdoor Exercises: How to use touch and outdoor exercises to help children stay in the moment.
  • Music and Meditation: How to use music, meditation, and drawing tasks to help children become more focused and present. Explore techniques at Greater Good Science Center.

Benefits of Taking The Mindfulness for Children Training Programme Certificate Course:

You can benefit in several ways by completing the course on mindfulness for children:

    • Helping Children: You can help your child, students, or other children to become more mindful.
    • Promoting Focus: You can play an instrumental role in helping children become more focused, creative, and imaginative.
    • Calming Techniques: You can help your own children calm down and feel more centred by training them to be more mindful and live in the moment.
    • Personal Development: You can develop your own mindfulness techniques. Learn more at


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