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Microsoft Excel Intermediate Certificate

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Take your Excel skills to the next level with our Microsoft Excel Intermediate Certificate course. This course is designed for those who have a basic understanding of Excel and want to master more advanced functions, data analysis, and visualization techniques. Learn how to efficiently use pivot tables, advanced formulas, and data management tools. With practical exercises and real-world examples, you’ll gain the confidence to handle complex tasks in Excel. Enroll today and enhance your professional skill set with our comprehensive intermediate Excel training.

Modules Include

Module 1: SumProduct Formula
Module 2 : Data Validation With Date
Module 3 : Data Validation with Whole Numbers
Module 4 : Data Validation with List Feature
Module 5 : ABS Function
Module 6 : CHAR Function
Module 7 : CLEAN Function
Module 8 : CODE Function
Module 9 : EXACT Function
Module 10 : AVERAGEA Function
Module 11 : AVERAGEIF
Module 12 : AVERAGEIFS Function
Module 13 : CELL Function With 10 Variations
Module 14 : LARGE Function
Module 15: MAX Function
Module 16: MEDIAN Function
Module 17: MIN Function
Module 18: MODE Function
Module 19 : N Function
Module 20 : RANDBETWEEN Function (Insert Random Numbers)
Module 21 : RANK Function
Module 22 : Remove Duplicate Values
Module 23 : ROUND Function Up/Down
Module 24 : Add Custom Background Image
Module 25: Change Text To Lower Case
Module 26: Change Text To Upper Case
Module 27: Change Text To Proper Case
Module 28: Insert Special Character
Module 29: Use Autofill : A Time Saving Trick
Module 30: Treemap Chart
Module 31: Sunburst Chart
Module 32: Use Tables
Module 33: Use Templates
Module 34: Use Themes

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Introduction to the Microsoft Excel Intermediate Certificate

The Microsoft Excel Intermediate Certificate course is designed for those who want to advance their Excel skills. Whether you need to master complex functions, data analysis, or visualization, this course will help you achieve proficiency in Excel. This course uses the Microsoft 365 version of Excel. However, other versions may have some differences in functions.

Course Overview

The MS Excel Intermediate Course builds on what you learned in the beginner’s course and introduces more advanced concepts. It is essential for those who need to enhance their Excel skills for professional use.

Intermediate Functions and Data Validation

Some of the highlights of the intermediate Excel course include:

  • Intermediate Functions: ABS, AVERAGEIF, AVERAGEIFS, and AVERAGEA
  • Data Validation: Date, list, time, and numbers
  • Additional Functions: RANK, MIN, MAX, CHAR, MODE, MEDIAN, CODE, CLEAN, and EXACT

Data Management and Advanced Features

Furthermore, the course covers crucial aspects of data management and advanced features:

  • Data Management: Removing duplicates, creating random numbers, and changing text case
  • Advanced Features: Using templates, inserting charts, adding custom backgrounds, and using tables
  • Efficiency Tools: Auto-filling data, adding special characters, and changing border color and theme

Course Prerequisites

Before starting the MS Excel Intermediate course, ensure you have a good understanding of beginner Excel functions. Even experienced Excel users are encouraged to review the beginner course material before proceeding.

Flexible Course Format

Moreover, the intermediate course is structured into short modules, similar to the beginner course. You can watch the module videos on any device with internet access. This format allows for flexible learning, making it easy to fit into your busy schedule.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is ideal for individuals who work with Excel in the workplace and want to improve their skills. It is particularly useful for professionals in investments, banking, consulting, administration, or any role involving extensive data tracking or analysis. Furthermore, new workforce entrants will also benefit, as employers often seek candidates with at least intermediate Excel skills.

Key Functions and Skills

Throughout the course, you will learn to use various functions, such as AVERAGEA, AVERAGEIF, AVERAGEIFS, and ABS. You will also explore data validation techniques for different types of data, including dates, lists, and times. Additionally, the course covers additional functions like CHAR, CODE, MEDIAN, MODE, and ROUND, teaching you how to manipulate these to meet your needs.

Advanced Features

You will also learn how to:

  • Change text to upper or lower case
  • Customize backgrounds with images
  • Use AutoFill
  • Insert special characters


In conclusion, upon completing this course, you will be proficient in most intermediate Excel functions and prepared to use Excel in various business environments. Additionally, you will be ready to start the MS Excel Advanced Course. For more information on Microsoft Excel, visit the official Microsoft Excel page.

Enroll in the Microsoft Excel Intermediate Certificate course today and take your Excel skills to the next level.


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