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Microsoft Excel for Beginners Certificate

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Learn the fundamental skills of Microsoft Excel with our Beginners Certificate course. Perfect for those new to Excel, this course covers everything from basic functions to essential data analysis techniques. Gain practical knowledge and earn a certification to boost your career prospects. Enroll today and start mastering Excel!

Modules Include

Module 1 : Introduction to Excel
Module 2 : Add
Module 3 : Multiply
Module 4 : Subtraction in Excel
Module 5 : Dividing
Module 6 : Sort
Module 7 : Percentage
Module 8 : Running Totals
Module 9 : Print
Module 10 : Paste Special
Module 11 : Merge
Module 12 : Filter
Module 13 : AVERAGE
Module 14 : AVERAGEIF
Module 15 : SUMIF Formula
Module 16 : IF Formula
Module 17 : VLOOKUP
Module 18 : HLOOKUP
Module 19 : COUNTIF Formula
Module 20 : COUNTBLANK
Module 21 : COUNTA Formula
Module 22 : COUNT Formula
Module 24 : TRANSPOSE
Module 25 : DATE Formula
Module 26 : MONTH Formula
Module 27 : Pivot Tables
Module 28 : Pie Charts
Module 29 : Doughnut Charts
Module 30 : Line Charts
Module 31 : Column Charts
Module 32 : Bar Charts
Module 33 : Number Formatting
Module 34 : Create Borders
Module 35 : Conditional Formatting
Module 36: Comments

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Introduction to the Microsoft Excel for Beginners Certificate


The Microsoft Excel for Beginners Certificate is designed to help you master one of the most widely used programs for visualizing and analyzing data. Whether for personal use, small business management, or large corporate data analysis, Microsoft Excel is essential. This course will take you from the basics to more advanced functions, ensuring you gain proficiency in Excel and earn a valuable certification.

Course Content and Structure

Basic Concepts The course starts with fundamental concepts such as ‘What is a cell?’ and distinguishing between columns and rows. Additionally, you’ll learn how to create, copy, delete, and edit information in cells.

Working with Sheets Moreover, the second half covers sheets, teaching you how to rename, delete, hide, and manage sheets, and change tab colors. Each video provides a step-by-step visual explanation, ensuring you understand each concept thoroughly.

Who Should Take This Course?

This beginners course is perfect for anyone who uses Excel at home or work for basic tasks such as tracking expenditures or calculating totals. It’s ideal for those new to Excel, those with a rudimentary understanding, or those familiar with older versions of the software. Furthermore, if you are re-entering the workforce, this course will get you up to speed with your peers.

Flexible Learning

These training videos allow you to learn at your own pace with no deadlines. The course is accessible from any mobile device with internet access. Since each lesson is only a few minutes long, it is convenient to stop and start as needed. Consequently, you can fit learning into your busy schedule.

Advanced Learning Opportunities

After completing the beginners course, you will be prepared to move on to more advanced topics. The intermediate and advanced courses will cover more complex functions and data analysis tools. Therefore, these courses will help you become an Excel expert, enabling you to handle a wide range of tasks efficiently.


By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of Excel’s basic functions. Thus, you will be ready to advance to the intermediate course, gaining more advanced skills. For more information on Microsoft Excel, visit the official Microsoft Excel page.

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Enroll in the Microsoft Excel for Beginners Certificate course today and master the essential skills to boost your career.


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