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Level 3 Admin PA and Secretarial Diploma

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Start your journey to administrative excellence with our Level 3 Admin, PA, and Secretarial Diploma. Gain advanced skills in communication, office management, technology, and client relations. Enroll today to enhance your career.

Modules Include

Module 1: Introduction to the PA Course

The role of a personal assistant/secretary
Associated job role and responsibilities
Requisite skills required for the job
The difference between a personal assistant and a secretary

Module 2: Diary Management

Manage dates, times and schedule appointments
How to be creative and develop a user-friendly diary system
Use our tips and implement them into the role of a PA
How to plan ahead successfully

Module 3: Business Letter Writing

How to write a good business letter
How a business letter should be structured and edited
Common mistakes to avoid
How to be persuasive while maintaining courtesy

Module 4:Composing faxes, memorandums and emails

How to compose and send faxes
How to write memorandums
How to create and send emails
Things to avoid when doing the above

Module 5: Telephone skills as a PA

How to make phone calls and speak in a professional tone
Tips on how you should communicate with people over the phone
Mistakes that should be avoided while communicating on the telephone
How to conduct business and represent your company over the phone

Module 6: Hotel and travel arrangements

What you should look for when booking a hotel for business travel
Things you should avoid when making travel arrangements
How to plan and execute a successful business trip
The role of a PA in booking hotels and making other travel arrangements for business travel

Module 7: Filing systems

How to set up a good filing system
What you should avoid when creating a filing system
How to categorise, sub-categorise and manage your filing system
Why it is important to have a good system when running a successful business

Module 8: Time Management Skills

How to manage your time at work efficiently
What to avoid when trying to get tasks done
How to improve on your weak points
How to identify the importance of tasks

Module 9:Invoicing/Petty cash

How to create invoices and send them
What you should avoid when creating invoices
How to handle petty cash
Why invoicing and petty cash handling are crucial to a business

Module 10: Customer Care

The importance of customer care
Your role as a PA when dealing with customers
Things you should avoid when dealing with customer care
How to represent your company in a professional manner

Module 11: Customer Complaints Management

How to handle customer complaints
Understand and execute a proper complaints procedure
What should be avoided when dealing with complaints
The importance of a good complaints procedure

Module 12: Work Planning

How to plan your work into a schedule
The importance of proper work planning
Things you should avoid when planning your work
How to structure your plans for improved efficiency

Module 13: Document Presentation and Proofreading

How to present written documents
The basics of what to include when preparing and sending documents
How to proofread your work
The importance of document presentation and proofreading

Module 14: Confidence Building Module

How to improve your confidence at work
How you can benefit from improved confidence
What to expect when your confidence improves
Signs of lack of self-confidence

Module 15: Typing and audio skills to proficient level or further if you already touch type/Audio transcribe

Improve your typing skills beyond a beginner level
Tips on how to improve your touch typing
How to effectively transcribe audio
Mistakes and errors to avoid

Module 16:How to Organise Effective Meetings

Why meetings are important and what they achieve
How you should plan and organise a meeting
Things to avoid
The aspects of a successful meeting and how to execute them

Module 17: How to use Microsoft Outlook

What Microsoft Outlook is
What Microsoft Outlook can do
How it can help you in the workplace
Simple tricks on how to get the most out of Microsoft Outlook

Module 18: How to use Excel – the Basics

How to understand the basics of Excel
How to easily navigate Excel
Why Excel is a useful tool for making spreadsheets
Simple ideas for troubleshooting

Module 19: How to use PowerPoint (Basics)

Understand the basics of PowerPoint
How to navigate PowerPoint
How you can benefit from using PowerPoint
Troubleshooting guide for basic PowerPoint

Module 20: How to Use Microsoft Word

How to successfully use Microsoft Word
How to navigate around Microsoft Word
Tips and tricks for easy use or shortcuts
Troubleshoot simple problems in Word

Module 21: Customer Communication and Reception Skills

The importance of customer communication skills
The most important reception skills
How to handle tasks at work efficiently
What to avoid and how to overcome problems with customer communication

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Introduction to the Level 3 Admin, PA, and Secretarial Diploma

Start your journey towards becoming an expert in administrative, personal assistant, and secretarial roles with our Level 3 Admin, PA, and Secretarial Diploma. Designed to provide comprehensive skills and knowledge, this course is perfect for those aiming to enhance their office management capabilities.

Enhancing Communication Skills

Firstly, you will explore advanced communication techniques. This part of your training focuses on enhancing your ability to articulate ideas clearly and effectively, ensuring you can produce impactful documents and presentations.

Office Management Mastery

Secondly, delve into efficient office management. You’ll learn to streamline operations, manage resources, and maintain high productivity levels, crucial for a smoothly running office.

Technology Skills for Administrative Excellence

Additionally, develop essential technology skills. This section emphasizes proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and other crucial software, preparing you to handle daily administrative tasks with confidence and efficiency.

Building Strong Client Relationships

Moreover, improve your client relations skills. This module teaches you to manage interactions professionally, resolve conflicts adeptly, and build durable professional relationships.

Organizational Strategies for Career Success

Furthermore, enhance your organizational skills. Effective time management and workspace organization are covered in detail, equipping you to optimize efficiency and productivity in any administrative role.

Why Enroll in Our Course?

By choosing this diploma, you are committing to your professional development. Graduates are prepared for challenging roles that require meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive skills in administration and secretarial duties.

Flexible Learning with Expert Guidance

Finally, benefit from flexible learning options. Study at your pace with access to our online resources at any time, guided by seasoned professionals.

Enroll Today and Transform Your Career

Secure your future in the administrative field by enrolling in our Level 3 Admin, PA, and Secretarial Diploma today. Start your journey toward professional excellence and open the door to new opportunities.

For more information on professional development in administration, visit the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

Explore additional resources and career tips at the Administrative Professionals Conference (APC).

Learn more about enhancing your administrative skills with the Office Dynamics International.


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