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Customer Services Diploma level 2 & 3

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Discover the art of exceptional customer service with our Level 2 & 3 Customer Services Diploma. This course is designed for individuals aiming to excel in customer-facing roles, providing the skills needed to deliver outstanding service and increase customer loyalty. Through interactive modules, learners will explore effective communication techniques, problem-solving strategies, and ways to handle challenging customer interactions. The curriculum also covers the latest trends in customer service technology and strategies to ensure a positive customer experience. Whether you’re new to customer service or looking to elevate your existing skills, this diploma offers valuable insights and practical tools to make a significant impact in your career.

Modules Include

Module 1: Understanding Customer Services

What customer service is
About the different types of customer service
About customer service terminology
Why customer service is so important

Module 2: The Customer

Who the customer is
About consumer rights law in the UK
The difference between internal and external customers
How to find your niche within the industry

Module 3: Attitude Is Everything

How to make a great first impression
Why getting your clothing right is essential to the image you wish to convey
How body language affects the way you are perceived
About the power of a positive attitude

Module 4: Caring For Your Customer’s Needs

About the client’s perspective of customer service
How to best meet customer needs
How to exceed customer expectations
Why communication is key to caring for a customer

Module 5: Customer Retention: How to Get Them Back

How to provide an effective after sales service
What to do when the customer is wrong
How to listen to and effectively deal with complaints
Why you need to show empathy with a complaining customer

Module 6: Face to Face Customer Service

How to create a positive first impression
How to use your body language to communicate effectively
About other forms of non-verbal communication
How talking down your competition can have a negative effect on your image

Module 7: Telephone Customer Service

About telephone etiquette
The advantages and disadvantages of telephone customer service
Tips for providing better telephone customer service
Why an efficient employee will take pre-emptive measures to improve customer satisfaction

Module 8: Electronic Customer Service

The advantages and disadvantages of electronic customer service
What “Netiquette” is
The do’s and don’ts of sending emails
How to provide effective customer service electronically

Module 9: Dealing with Difficult Customers

How to defuse anger
Why keeping a calm demeanour will help solve issues faster
How to control your emotions
Why you should deal with a customer’s anger before solving their problem

Module 10: Escalation

How to handle abusive customers
Why you shouldn’t cave in to unreasonable demands
When you should tell a customer “enough is enough”
How to handle physical threats

Module 11: Make an Impression Every Time

How to retain customers through best service
Why your focus should also be on creating as uncomplicated and simple an experience as possible
Why any effective and talented customer service professional will have the ability to convince others of their opinion
A recap of the skills you need for customer service jobs

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Customer Services Diploma level 2 & 3 Introduction

Unlock the potential of exceptional customer service with this comprehensive course. This program is meticulously designed to enhance your abilities across various communication platforms. Engage with clients more effectively whether in person, over the phone, or online, learning to consistently exceed expectations and deliver superior service.

What You Will Learn in the Program

Embark on a learning journey with detailed modules that you can complete at your leisure, usually within ten hours. Each module is fully accessible from any digital device, providing the flexibility to study from virtually anywhere at any time.

Core Learning Modules:

  • Effective Communication: Firstly, master the art of making an outstanding first impression and maintaining effective communication. Additionally, delve into verbal and non-verbal communication strategies.
  • Advanced Telephone Techniques: Secondly, develop strategies for enhancing service over the phone, ensuring clear and positive interactions.
  • Digital Customer Service: Thirdly, explore the fundamentals of online client support and learn to manage digital interactions effectively.
  • Conflict Management: Lastly, equip yourself with techniques for managing challenging client scenarios with professionalism and confidence.

Additional Learning Outcomes of the Customer Services Diploma level 2 & 3:

  • Understanding Client Psychology: Gain insights into the psychological aspects of client interactions.
  • Personalizing Service: Moreover, acquire skills to tailor your service approach to different client personalities and scenarios.
  • Managing Feedback: Lastly, develop critical skills in soliciting and managing client feedback.

Comprehensive Benefits

By achieving the Diploma, you will:

  • Enhance Client Interaction Skills: Gain advanced skills to exceed client expectations.
  • Boost Professional Confidence: Strengthen your confidence across all client service platforms.
  • Impact Business Outcomes Significantly: Understand how delivering top-notch customer service can improve client retention, boost sales, and enhance your company’s reputation.

Why Businesses Choose The Customer Services Diploma level 2 & 3

Business leaders recognize the transformative impact of effective customer service training on their operations. With this program, you are not merely preparing to meet the needs of modern clients; you are also positioning yourself and your business for significant growth.

Participants in this program not only acquire practical skills but also gain a strategic understanding of how to implement these skills effectively to drive real business results. Whether you’re a small business owner or a corporate manager, the principles taught are adaptable and essential for anyone seeking to improve their client service operations.

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