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Teaching Diploma

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Transform your passion for education into a rewarding career with our Teaching Diploma course. This program offers in-depth training in pedagogical theories, classroom management, and effective teaching strategies. Tailored for future educators, our course equips you with the skills and certification needed to excel in the educational field. Join us to make a significant impact in your teaching career.

Modules Include

ADHD Awareness Diploma
Understanding Autism Diploma
Complete SEND Diploma
Dyslexia Diploma
Level 2 Teaching Assistant Diploma

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Introduction to the Teaching Diploma Course

Kickstart Your Teaching Career Begin your journey with our comprehensive Teaching Diploma course, fully approved by the CPD and specifically designed for those passionate about impacting education. This online course combines five specialized courses, each contributing to a well-rounded grasp of teaching methodologies and strategies.

Explore Our Comprehensive Learning Modules Our program provides 82 information-packed modules spread across five distinct courses within the Teaching Diploma. Collectively, these modules require about 40 hours of online learning. Once enrolled, you gain lifetime access, allowing you to revisit the material as needed. Optimized for all devices, the course enables you to learn at your convenience on any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Detailed Course Breakdown

SEN Diploma – CPD Approved Initially, you will dive into the world of special educational needs (SEN). Here, you will understand key concepts such as the SEN Code of Practice. Moreover, you will master strategies for managing a range of learning disabilities and behavioural challenges.

Teaching Assistant Diploma – CPD Approved Furthermore, explore the roles and responsibilities of a teaching assistant within the Diploma. This section provides insights into effectively supporting both students and teachers, thereby enriching your overall teaching experience.

Autism Awareness Diploma – CPD Approved Additionally, gain crucial knowledge about autism spectrum disorders. This part of your course training teaches you how to support and communicate effectively with individuals on the spectrum.

ADHD Diploma – CPD Approved Moreover, you will explore methods to understand and support individuals with ADHD throughout all stages of life. This exploration complements your broader Teaching Diploma skills.

Dyslexia Diploma – CPD Approved Lastly, gain an in-depth understanding of dyslexia, from diagnosis to classroom strategies that enhance learning for dyslexic students. This knowledge is vital to your comprehensive training under the Teaching course.

Benefits of the Teaching Diploma

Fast-Track Your Career in Education This course offers extensive benefits, helping you fast-track your career in education. Not only will you enhance your skills and knowledge, but you will also study at your own pace and enjoy continuous online support throughout your studies. Upon completion, you will receive a CPD-approved certificate, recognized in the industry, which you can download and print immediately.

Enhance Your Teaching Skills with the Diploma

Prepare to Make an Impact By enrolling in this course, you not only boost your educational qualifications but also prepare to make a significant impact in the classroom. Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and tools needed to succeed in the modern educational environment with our Teaching Diploma.


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