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RIDDOR Certificate

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Enhance your compliance skills with our RIDDOR Certificate course. Learn to accurately report workplace injuries, diseases, and dangerous occurrences as mandated by UK regulations. This course offers in-depth training on the criteria for reportable incidents, effective reporting techniques, and maintaining proper records. Ideal for safety professionals and managers aiming to ensure workplace safety and regulatory compliance. Enroll now to master RIDDOR reporting requirements and safeguard your workplace.

Modules Include

Module 1: What is RIDDOR?
Module 2: Reportable Injuries Under RIDDOR
Module 3: Reportable Occupational Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences
Module 4: Filing a Report Under Riddor

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RIDDOR Certificate Course Overview

Master Workplace Incident Reporting with the RIDDOR Certificate

Enroll in our RIDDOR Certificate Course and learn how to accurately report workplace accidents, injuries, and occupational diseases, aligning with the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR). This essential training is perfect for health and safety professionals across the UK.

Course Highlights:

Understanding RIDDOR

Discover the critical importance of RIDDOR and its impact on workplace safety. Get to know the legal requirements and the types of incidents that you must report.

Reportable Incidents

Identify which injuries and diseases require reporting. We cover everything from minor injuries to significant accidents, including occupational diseases like carpal tunnel syndrome and severe conditions such as amputations.

Effective Reporting Techniques

Learn how to file reports accurately and promptly to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). We will guide you through the process of maintaining compliant records.

Applying Knowledge Practically

Engage with case studies and real-life scenarios to better understand the application of RIDDOR in various settings.

Course Benefits:

  • In-depth Learning: Gain a thorough understanding of RIDDOR’s requirements and broaden your safety management skills.
  • Ensure Compliance: Keep your workplace compliant with UK safety regulations.
  • Immediate Application: Apply your new skills directly to enhance safety and reporting accuracy in your role.

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Learn More

Stay updated with the latest RIDDOR regulations and practices by visiting the Health and Safety Executive’s official page on RIDDOR at HSE RIDDOR Guidance.


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