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Reception Diploma

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Enhance your career with our Reception Diploma Course, designed to equip you with essential office skills for a successful role as a receptionist. Gain proficiency in communication, telephone etiquette, and database management. Our course offers flexible learning, industry-recognized certification, and comprehensive support to prepare you for immediate entry and future advancement in administrative careers. Enroll now to become a skilled receptionist in any business environment.
Modules Include

Module 1:The Role of the Receptionist

What is a receptionist? We will define the nature of the role, and explain exactly what a front of house receptionist is
How to be prepared for literally anything – one day is never the same as the next
Being the face of the company – what you need to do, how you need to do it, what you need to wear, and how you need to present yourself
A general overview of the duties of a receptionist

Module 2: The Different Types of Receptionist and the Subtle Differences Between Them

The different types of receptionist roles there are in the job market, and why there are subtle differences between them
Legal receptionists
Medical receptionists
Educational institute receptionists

Module 3: The Essentials of Communication

The principles to create a powerful first impression. How can this be done?
The principles to confirm how your message comes across. How can you check the message received is the correct one?
How to use voice, tone, and language to build trust, credibility, and confidence
How can you identify the customer’s needs?

Module 4:Practice Good Telephone Skills

How to communicate using the tone of your voice and the language you use
How the lack of body language can sometimes impact on telephone conversations
The appropriate language to use during a professional telephone call
Follow up actions after a telephone conversation

Module 5: Sending Formal Messages/Sending Informal Messages

We will reiterate the importance of good quality telephone skills
What is a formal message?
What is an informal message?
The vital nature of confidentiality when taking and sending messages

Module 6: Database Management and Booking/Reservation Procedures

What a database may be used for
Confidentiality in terms of database use
How to maintain a database in the most effective way
The kinds of bookings/reservations you may need to do as part of your reception work

Module 7: Following Routine Administrative Procedures and Developing Filing Systems

What are routine administrative tasks or procedures? A general overview
The differences between the duties of a receptionist and the duties of a secretary
The routine daily administrative tasks you should be undertaking as a receptionist
What is a filing system, and why is it important?

Module 8: Security & Safety Issues / Health & Safety Considerations in the Workplace

What is health & safety?
Who has the responsibility to ensure health and safety in the workplace?
What types of accidents or incidents can occur?
How can we all stay safe during our working hours?

Module 9: Confidentiality

What is confidentiality, and why is it important?
Data Protection, and how it affects both you and the workplace
The consequences of a breach of confidentiality
How to maintain confidentiality

Module 10: Successful Meetings & Minute Taking, Meeting & Accommodation Arrangements

What makes a successful meeting/pre-arrangements you need to make
What is minute-taking? How it is part of a receptionist’s job, and how to do it
How minutes should be presented after the meeting, in terms of format and content
What arrangements may you need to make in terms of accommodation for meeting attendees?

Module 11:Organisational Skills & Time Management

What are organisational skills?
How can you prioritise?
Scenarios to help you understand how prioritising works in practice
Time management, how you can make it work for you

Module 12: Effective Business Communication

How written and verbal communication differs
What types of business communication in a written form you may need to use
Written communication formats
Formal and informal written communication

Module 13: How Technology is Important in Reception Work

How technology plays a part in administrative work overall
What types of technology you may need to use
What software packages you may need to use
Away from the computer, how most of your daily working life includes technology in some guise

Module 14:The Importance of Team Work

What is team work?
How does team work relate to a receptionist role?
What attributes make a good team player?
What are the advantages of team work, and are there any disadvantages?

Module 15: Reception Area Appearance

Why the appearance of the reception area is just as important as personal appearance
How to make a reception area look welcoming, yet professional
Small extras which make all the difference
Reception area maintenance

Module 16: Career Progression / From Receptionist to…

The types of receptionist roles you can undertake, with one eye on career progression
The possible future career roads a current receptionist can take
The skills you can master during your time as a receptionist, to make you indispensable during your future career choices
Administrative career roads in more depth

Module 17: To Sum It All Up: Reception Work Explained

A reiteration on what reception work is in its most basic form
Summing up the key skills and attributes a top receptionist should have
The importance of first impressions – let’s sum it all up again!
How to get into reception work

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Course Content and Structure

Total Modules: 17

Foundational Skills

  1. Introduction to Reception Roles: Initially, learn about the receptionist’s role and the skills necessary to thrive in an office environment. More on receptionist roles can be found at The Balance Careers.
  2. Effective Communication: Furthermore, master both verbal and non-verbal communication techniques to engage effectively with colleagues and clients. Discover communication tips at MindTools.
  3. Telephone Etiquette: Additionally, acquire skills in professional telephone communication, including message taking and handling inquiries. Enhance your skills with guidelines from Business Phone Etiquette Tips.

Advanced Administrative Competencies 4. Database Management: Then, gain proficiency in navigating and managing databases essential for booking and reservations. Learn more about database management at Smartsheet’s Guide.

  1. Administrative Skills: Moreover, explore a range of administrative tasks from document handling to meeting arrangements. Detailed guides available at Administrate.
  2. Legal and Workplace Requirements: Also, understand the legal aspects of the workplace including privacy laws and workplace safety. Key information can be found at OSHA.

Interpersonal and Organizational Mastery 7. Advanced Interpersonal Skills: Consequently, develop skills to manage workplace relationships and resolve conflicts. Insights on interpersonal skills at SkillsYouNeed.

  1. Time Management: Next, learn strategies to manage time effectively, ensuring productivity and efficiency. Effective techniques at Time Management Ninja.
  2. Customer Service Excellence: Similarly, enhance skills in delivering outstanding customer service. Tips and strategies at Help Scout.

Specialized Skills and Professional Growth 10. Problem Solving: As you progress, develop critical thinking skills to solve issues that arise in day-to-day operations. Problem-solving strategies at MindTools.

  1. Handling Emergencies: In addition, prepare for potential workplace emergencies with appropriate response strategies. Emergency preparedness tips at Ready.gov.
  2. Technology in the Office: Similarly, embrace modern office technologies that facilitate reception duties. Tech guides at TechRadar.
  3. Organizational Skills: Moreover, improve your ability to organize resources and office setups. Organizational tips at Organize 365.
  4. Confidentiality Protocols: Additionally, learn to handle sensitive information with discretion and integrity. Guidelines on confidentiality at Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.
  5. Meeting Coordination: Furthermore, gain expertise in scheduling and coordinating meetings effectively. Meeting planning tips at Meeting Tomorrow.
  6. Professional Development: Finally, plan and execute personal development goals within the reception role. Development resources at Professional Development Institute.
  7. Career Advancement Strategies: Lastly, prepare for future roles and responsibilities in administrative careers. Career advice at Career Sidekick.

Key Learning Outcomes of the Reception Diploma

  • Understand the multifaceted role of a receptionist and effective communication methods.
  • Master essential skills like telephone etiquette and database management.
  • Explore administrative duties and legal workplace requirements comprehensively.

Career Progression

This course is not only aimed at equipping you with the skills necessary for immediate entry into receptionist roles but also provides a foundation for career advancement in various administrative capacities.

Benefits of the Reception Diploma

  • Flexibility: Study at your own pace from any location.
  • Certification: Receive a recognized certificate upon completion, boosting your employability.
  • Industry Adaptability: Consequently, improve your skills to adapt across different industries.
  • Support: Most importantly, access comprehensive support throughout your studies to ensure you are successful and confident in your learning journey.

Upon completion, participants will be well-equipped to manage the demands of a receptionist role effectively, ensuring they maintain productivity and professionalism. This course promises a significant enhancement in capabilities, preparing participants for a robust career in the administrative field.



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