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Nursery Assistant Certificate

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Understand the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, developmental milestones, and the importance of play in education. Perfect for those passionate about making a positive impact in early childhood development. Enroll today!

Modules Include

Module 01: Introduction to Nursery Assistants
Module 02: Compliance with the Early Years Foundation Stage
Module 03: Childhood Development
Module 04: The Importance of Play-based Learning

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Nursery Assistant Certificate Course Overview

Introduction to Nursery Assistant Certificate:

  • Working with children is a rewarding career.
  • Nursery assistants work with babies and toddlers, playing a key role in their early education and development.
  • The job includes playing with children, developing lesson plans, and communicating with parents.

Nursery Assistant Certificate Structure:

  1. Introduction to the Nursery Assistant Role:
    • Overview of responsibilities.
    • Required skills.
    • Anticipated salary levels.
  2. Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum:
    • Guidelines for lesson plans.
    • Prime and specific areas of learning.
  3. Developmental Milestones:
    • Key milestones from birth to age five.
    • Monitoring and supporting child development.
  4. Importance of Play:
    • Role of play in learning.
    • Six types of play to encourage.

You Will Learn:

  1. Skills and Qualifications:
    • Necessary skills for employment.
    • Qualifications based on work history, education, and experience.
  2. Prime Areas of Learning:
    • Communication and language.
    • Physical development.
    • Personal, social, and emotional development.
  3. Specific Areas of Learning:
    • Literacy.
    • Mathematics.
    • Understanding the world.
    • Expressive arts and design.
  4. Developmental Milestones:
    • Key milestones from birth to five years.
    • Recognizing and supporting developmental stages.
  5. Types of Play:
    • Six types of play:
      • Physical play.
      • Constructive play.
      • Expressive play.
      • Imaginative play.
      • Communication play.
      • Exploratory play.

Benefits of Taking this Nursery Assistant Certificate:

  • Career Insight:
    • Gain understanding of a nursery assistant’s role and its rewards.
  • Qualification Guidance:
    • Learn how to qualify for the position based on personal background.
  • Educational Play Techniques:
    • Learn effective strategies to engage children in educational activities.
  • Developmental Understanding:
    • Understand developmental milestones and how to support children in achieving them.
  • Learning Goals:
    • Equip yourself to help children achieve their learning goals through structured play and lesson planning.


This course provides comprehensive knowledge and skills required to excel as a nursery assistant. It is ideal for individuals passionate about working with young children and looking to make a positive impact on their early development.

For more information or to enroll in the course, please visit the Nursing Assistant Certification Course | Udemy


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