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Mental Health In Construction Certificate

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Enhance mental well-being in the construction industry with our Mental Health In Construction Certificate. This course equips participants with the skills to recognize, address, and support mental health challenges within construction environments. Learn effective strategies for promoting mental wellness, managing stress, and fostering a supportive workplace culture. Ideal for construction managers, safety officers, and all team members, this certificate helps create a safer, more supportive work environment.

Modules Include

Module 01: Introduction to Mental Health in the Construction Industry

Why we need to normalise the discussion of mental health, to remove the stigma in the construction industry
How the working conditions in construction contribute to mental ill-health in workers
Some of the common signs of mental ill-health, and how to spot them
The importance of speaking out, and why a shift in culture is important within the construction industry

Module 02: Common Mental Health Problems: Depression and Anxiety

What depression and anxiety are, and how to recognise them in yourself and/or those around you
What to do if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of anxiety, depression or chronic stress, to the degree that you feel it is impacting your mental health

Module 03: Seeking Help

How mindset can affect your ability to help yourself and be helped
That great strength lies in speaking out — you empower others and contribute to a shift in culture around mental health; it isn’t a sign of weakness to speak out
Seeking help doesn’t need to be complicated and always begins with something manageable and bite-size — a conversation with someone you already trust

Module 04: Shifting Stigma in the Construction Industry

The context and cost of mental health, and how it is affecting the construction industry, at both a human and economic level
How to recognise the signs of mental illness in the construction workplace
What employers can do about this, and what individuals and society collectively can do to shift the stigma
Positive initiatives underway within the industry and where changes need to take place, to enable things to be improved

Module 05: Your Wellbeing Toolbox

Mindset and self-awareness
Importance and benefits of diet and exercise. Prioritising sleep.
Goal setting
Social wellbeing / Mindfulness practices: yoga/meditation/breathing

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Mental Health In Construction Certificate Course

Course Introduction

Embark on a transformative journey with our Mental Health In Construction Certificate Course. This course aims to raise awareness of common mental health issues specifically within the construction industry, highlighting the unique challenges faced by professionals in this sector.

Course Objectives

  1. Awareness and Understanding: Learn to recognize signs of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress in yourself and others. Understand the impact of these conditions and how they are influenced by the construction environment. We’ll provide detailed explanations and direct you to additional resources for further learning.
  2. Cultural Shifts in Construction: Gain insight into the importance of shifting the industry’s culture from stigmatization to openness and support. We’ll provide practical advice on fostering an environment where speaking out about mental health is safe and encouraged.
  3. Wellbeing Toolbox: Equip yourself with a personal mental health wellbeing toolbox. Discover practical, realistic, and scientifically proven strategies to support both your own mental wellbeing and that of your colleagues.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize common mental health issues in the construction industry and their predisposing factors.
  • Identify symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress, understanding their effects and interventions.
  • Create a supportive workplace culture that encourages open communication about mental health.
  • Implement practical lifestyle adjustments to support mental health, including diet, exercise, and community engagement.

Benefits of Taking this Course

  • Enhanced Awareness: Deepen your understanding of mental health issues in construction, becoming a catalyst for positive change in the workplace.
  • Practical Skills: Apply immediately actionable strategies in your daily interactions to promote better mental health.
  • Resource Knowledge: Learn where to find help and how to offer support, enhancing the overall wellbeing of the construction community.

Enrol now to start making a significant impact on mental health awareness in the construction industry!

For more information on mental health support, please visit Mind, the mental health charity for extensive resources and guidance.


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