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Level 2 Teaching Assistant Diploma

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Jumpstart your career in education with the Level 2 Teaching Assistant Diploma. This comprehensive course provides the foundational skills necessary for effective classroom support, focusing on child development, educational theory, and practical teaching strategies. Ideal for those committed to fostering a positive learning environment.

Modules Include

Module 1 : Defining and Explaining the Role of a Teaching Assistant
Module 2 : Understanding Schools as Organisations
Module 3 : Supporting Development in Pupils: Practice and Policies
Module 4 : Supporting the Teacher and the School
Module 5 : Applying Learning Activities to Support the Teaching of the Curriculum
Module 6 : Legislation, Legal Obligations and School Policies to Ensure Pupil Wellbeing
Module 7 : Learning Literacy Skills with Teaching Assistant Support
Module 8 : Learning Numeracy Skills with Teaching Assistant Support
Module 9 : Supporting the Use of Information and Communication Technology
Module 10 : Supporting Play and Learning
Module 11 : Supporting Pupils with Disabilities and Special Education Needs
Module 12 : Supporting Gifted and Talented Pupils
Module 13 : Working With Children Whose First Language is Not English
Module 14 : Managing Behaviour, Providing Pastoral Support and Engaging in Personal Development
Module 15 : Engaging Parents in Their Children’s Learning
Module 16 : Planning and Delivering Learning Activities Under the Direction of the Teacher
Module 17 : Leading Extracurricular Activities
Module 18 : Working Effectively as a Team and Promoting Good Working Relationships
Module 19 : Confidentiality, Equal Opportunities, Safeguarding, Promoting Equality & Diversity With Students
Module 20 : Health, Safety and First Aid

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Level 2 Teaching Assistant Diploma: Launch Your Educational Support Career

Embark on your path toward becoming a skilled teaching assistant with our comprehensive Level 2 Diploma. Designed for flexibility, this online course suits individuals eager to advance their skills while managing other commitments.

Comprehensive Training for Teaching Assistants

Explore the essential skills and knowledge you need for successful classroom support. Our curriculum combines theoretical insights with practical techniques, crucial for today’s diverse educational settings.

Core Modules of the Level 2 Teaching Assistant

  • Introduction to Educational Frameworks: Learn about the structure and policies governing UK schools. This foundation is critical for anyone working in education. For more details, visit the UK Department of Education.
  • Strategies for Classroom Management: Develop the ability to create and maintain conducive learning environments. Learn effective ways to manage classroom dynamics.
  • Enhancing Learning Outcomes: Equip yourself with strategies to help students with various educational needs. Focus on core areas like literacy and numeracy to boost academic growth.
  • Addressing Special Educational Needs: Learn methods to support students who need special accommodations. For more resources, check out the National Association for Special Educational Needs.
  • Safety and Compliance in Education: Master key safety protocols and compliance regulations to ensure a secure learning environment.

Benefits of the Level 2 Teaching Assistant Diploma

  • Flexible Learning Options: Study at your convenience from anywhere, using any device.
  • Structured Learning Path: Our course is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience, ensuring you effectively grasp all necessary concepts.
  • Career Advancement: Enhance your professional qualifications with this diploma, making you a valuable asset in the educational sector.

Enroll Now and Transform Your Future

Take the first step toward a rewarding career in education by enrolling in our Teaching Assistant Diploma. This course equips you with the skills needed to support teachers and positively impact student learning outcomes.


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