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Improving Personal Effectiveness Course

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Unlock the potential of your team with our “Enhancing Personal Effectiveness for Organizational Success” course. Designed for leaders, managers, and individuals aiming to boost efficiency and productivity, this course provides practical tools and insights based on scientific research. Participants will learn to manage time effectively, improve workplace behavior, and handle stress, ultimately leading to improved organizational performance. Gain influential skills, set clear goals, and transform ineffective habits into powerful productivity drivers. Upon completion, earn a certification that enhances your professional credibility and prepares you for greater success. Enroll now to start your journey toward peak personal effectiveness!

Modules Include

Module 1: Introduction to Mental Health in the Construction Industry

Why we need to normalise the discussion of mental health, to remove the stigma in the construction industry
How the working conditions in construction contribute to mental ill-health in workers
Some of the common signs of mental ill-health, and how to spot them
The importance of speaking out, and why a shift in culture is important within the construction industry

Module 2: Common Mental Health Problems: Depression and Anxiety

What depression and anxiety are, and how to recognise them in yourself and/or those around you
What to do if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of anxiety, depression or chronic stress, to the degree that you feel it is impacting your mental health

Module 3: Seeking Help

How mindset can affect your ability to help yourself and be helped
That great strength lies in speaking out — you empower others and contribute to a shift in culture around mental health; it isn’t a sign of weakness to speak out
Seeking help doesn’t need to be complicated and always begins with something manageable and bite-size — a conversation with someone you already trust

Module 4: Shifting Stigma in the Construction Industry

The context and cost of mental health, and how it is affecting the construction industry, at both a human and economic level
How to recognise the signs of mental illness in the construction workplace
What employers can do about this, and what individuals and society collectively can do to shift the stigma
Positive initiatives underway within the industry and where changes need to take place, to enable things to be improved

Module 5: Your Wellbeing Toolbox

Mindset and self-awareness
Importance and benefits of diet and exercise. Prioritising sleep.
Goal setting
Social wellbeing / Mindfulness practices: yoga/meditation/breathing

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Enhancing Personal Effectiveness for Organizational Success in the Improving Personal Effectiveness Course

Introduction: Enhancing personal effectiveness enriches individuals’ lives and capacities, therefore, benefiting organizations by boosting efficiency and productivity. This course equips individuals and organizations with skills and tools to manage valuable resources, including time. It emphasizes that improvement is achievable regardless of current status. Instead of solely focusing on cost-cutting, organizations can drive profits more practically by improving existing resource effectiveness.

Leadership Focus: Employers, managers, and leaders learn to steer their workforce for better performance, while employees, workers, and staff excel in their roles and career paths.

Course Content: Based on credible scientific research, this course offers empirically driven content and practical tools. Furthermore, learning outcomes include understanding the importance of personal effectiveness for life fulfillment, recognizing effective and ineffective habits, and learning to change ineffective habits. It covers managing workplace behavior, dealing with disruptive situations, setting clear goals, organizing tasks, managing time, handling stress, and staying motivated. Additionally, it emphasizes workplace skills, effective meeting conduct, and gaining influence.

Benefits: Upon completion, participants understand how to maximize effectiveness and possess necessary tools. Moreover, in our fast-paced lives, where effective management is often overlooked, prioritizing time unlocks immense rewards, enabling individuals to become the most effective version of themselves. By enrolling, you gain access to comprehensive learning materials, including interactive modules, case studies, and practical exercises. Experienced instructors provide personalized feedback and guidance to apply concepts effectively in personal and professional life.

Certification and Opportunities: Upon successful completion, you receive a certification validating mastery of personal effectiveness principles and enhancing credentials in the job market. Consequently, don’t miss this opportunity to invest in yourself and unlock your full potential. Enroll now and take the first step towards becoming a more effective and fulfilled individual.

Call to Action: Experience the transformation today! Improve your personal effectiveness and unlock your full potential. Gain valuable skills and insights to excel in both personal and professional life. Explore our course now!


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