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Anxiety and Depression Awareness Diploma

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Earn your Anxiety and Depression Awareness Diploma to understand, identify, and treat anxiety and depression. Learn about causes, symptoms, and effective therapies.

Modules Include

Anxiety Awareness Diploma
Depression Awareness Diploma

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Anxiety and Depression Awareness Diploma Course

Anxiety and depression are two extremely common mental health conditions experienced by millions of British citizens. If ignored, the symptoms can worsen, disrupt daily functioning, and prevent a happy life. The Anxiety and Depression Awareness Diploma course aims to promote awareness of the causes, symptoms, and interventions that can help treat these conditions. Better awareness of anxiety and depression helps us identify and understand our insecurities, fears, and negative beliefs. The strategies outlined in the Anxiety and Depression Awareness Diploma course can empower you to move forward and resume a normal life. Additionally, the course describes how depression can affect one’s life, the different types of depression, and the alternative and self-help treatments that can help you or your loved ones.

What You Will Learn in the Anxiety and Depression Awareness Diploma Course:

  • Understanding Anxiety: Learn what Anxiety is and how it can spur us on to performance and achievement. Discover more at
  • Modern Lifestyle Triggers: Understand the connection between frantic modern lifestyles, chronic materialism, job stress, excessive socialising, and common triggers. Read more at NHS.
  • Causes of Anxiety and Depression: Explore different causes of anxiety, including physiological, psychological, and personality factors, and how treatments vary. Find out more at National charity helping people with Anxiety – Anxiety UK.
  • Types of Anxiety Conditions: Learn about different types of Anxiety conditions such as panic attacks, GERD, OCD, and PTSD, and their symptoms. Visit Mayo Clinic for details.
  • Understanding Depression: Understand the causes, symptoms, and types of Depression. Discover more at
  • Traditional Treatments: Learn about traditional therapies and medical treatments for depression. Read more at NHS.
  • Alternative Treatments: Explore alternative treatments such as yoga, counselling, meditation, and mindfulness. Find out more at Verywell Mind.

Benefits of Taking the Anxiety and Depression Awareness Diploma Course:

  • Increased Awareness: Increase your awareness about anxiety and depression to understand people who suffer from these conditions.
  • Practical Strategies: Use the strategies and therapies outlined in the course to identify triggers and take appropriate steps to help yourself or a loved one.
  • Foundation for Further Study: The course is an ideal stepping stone for more advanced study.


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