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Negotiating and the Concept of the Three Ps Certificate

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Enhance your negotiation skills with our comprehensive course. Learn key strategies, avoid common pitfalls, and understand the “3 Ps” model to boost your sales performance.
Modules Include

Module 01: Introduction
Module 02: Negotiation Skills
Module 03: The Key Points to Avoid When Negotiating
Module 04: The Concept of the Three Ps
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Negotiating and the Concept of the Three Ps Certificate

Negotiating is a key sales skill that can make all the difference between closing or losing a deal. While negotiation is often considered an art form, with practice and patience, any salesperson can master it.The Negotiating and the Concept of the Three Ps Certificate will teach you the principles behind successful negotiation and provide practical tips to sharpen your skills. You’ll learn how to use your emotional and cognitive intelligence to strike the best possible deal with a client and recognize when to abandon further negotiation attempts. Additionally, we will explore the “3 Ps” model and how it can enhance your understanding of the selling process.

You Will Learn:

  • The Nature and Purpose of Negotiation:
    • Understand the importance of negotiation and the seven basic rules to follow.
  • Five Negotiation Strategies:
    • Enhance rapport with prospects and increase your chances of closing deals.
  • Six Pitfalls to Avoid:
    • Identify common mistakes to avoid when negotiating with prospects.
  • The “3 Ps” Model:
    • Learn how this model can help you navigate the sales process effectively.

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Boost Conversion Rates:
    • Improve your negotiation skills to enhance your sales conversion rates.
  • Transferable Skills:
    • Apply negotiation and mediation skills to various roles involving multiple parties.
  • Structured Approach:
    • Gain confidence with a reliable structure to approach negotiations using the “3 Ps” model.
  • Consumer Psychology Insights:
    • Deepen your understanding of consumer decision-making processes in response to external pressure.

Flexible Learning

Study at your own pace with access to our online resources anytime, guided by experienced professionals.

For more information on enhancing your negotiation skills, visit the Negotiation and Leadership site by Harvard Law School.

Explore additional negotiation strategies and tips at Mind Tools.

Learn more about consumer psychology at Psychology Today.


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