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Improving School Attendance Certificate

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Earn your Improving School Attendance Certificate to master strategies for enhancing student attendance, engaging parents, and boosting overall school performance. Perfect for teachers, head teachers, and school representatives.

Modules Include

Module 1: Factors Affecting School Attendance
Module 2: School Systems and Policies
Module 3: Student Motivation and Encouragement
Module 4: Assistance and Intervention

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Improving School Attendance Certificate Course

Learning how to improve school attendance is essential for any teacher, head teacher, parent, or school representative. Whether you’re experiencing a school attendance problem or looking to avoid one, the Improving School Attendance Certificate Course covers everything you need to know.

This course provides a comprehensive guide to improving school attendance, including the factors that affect attendance and strategies to enhance it. From working with parents and families to motivating students and intervening when necessary, it covers every aspect of improving school attendance.

You Will Learn in the Improving School Attendance Certificate Course

  • Factors Affecting School Attendance: Understand all the factors influencing school attendance.
  • Improvement Strategies: Discover effective strategies for schools to improve attendance.
  • Collaboration with Parents: Learn how to work with parents and families to boost attendance.
  • Motivating Students: Explore methods to motivate and encourage students to stay in school.
  • Effective Interventions: Know when and how to intervene when necessary.

Benefits of Taking The Improving School Attendance Certificate Course

  • Improve Student Attendance: Significantly enhance student attendance at your school.
  • Build Positive Relationships: Form positive relationships with parents and gain their trust.
  • Motivate and Inspire: Motivate and inspire students to stay in school and achieve their potential.
  • Address Attendance Issues: Understand the reasons behind student absenteeism and how to address them effectively.
  • Support Students and Families: Successfully intervene and assist students and their families facing attendance issues.
  • Implement Proven Techniques: Learn and implement proven techniques that have been successful in improving attendance rates across various schools.
  • Enhance School Performance: Boost the overall performance and reputation of your school by ensuring higher attendance rates and more engaged students.

By completing this course, you will be well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to improve school attendance effectively. This will not only benefit the students but also enhance the overall performance and reputation of your school.

For more information on improving school attendance, visit the UK Government’s school attendance page: https://www.gov.uk/school-attendance-absence and the Education Endowment Foundation: https://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/evidence-summaries/teaching-learning-toolkit/parental-engagement/.


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