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Construction Management Diploma

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Elevate your career with our Level 1-3 Construction Management Diploma. This course offers extensive training in all phases of construction management, from project inception to completion. Gain in-depth knowledge of essential practices such as project planning, budget management, safety compliance, and resource allocation. Ideal for aspiring construction managers, this program equips you with the skills needed to lead projects successfully and ensure workplace safety. Enroll now to build a solid foundation in construction management and advance in the construction industry.

Modules Include

What is construction management – its definition, its purpose and its key principles
The key skills and personal attributes that you need to be a Construction Manager
The stages of construction management and why they are important
What successful construction management looks like

What project management is and how it can support the process of construction management
The five key phases of project management
Types of construction delivery methods
Organising a construction project – Planning

Things to consider when estimating the cost of construction work
How to estimate construction work – methods, pitfalls and adding mark-up
How to write a successful tender for construction work
Important factors when choosing a construction si

The importance of maintaining good site organisation and key legislation, to help you to create a safe and well organised site
The key features of a well organised construction site
Factors to consider when organising a construction site
Documentation and administrative requirements

Module 5: Equipment Planning and Management

The benefits of using construction equipment and the factors to consider when choosing the best types for your construction project
The different types of equipment available
Methods of obtaining construction equipment – purchasing, renting and leasing
What is depreciation and the different methods to measure it

Module 6: Managing Your Materials

What are building materials and why are they important
Naturally occurring building materials
Man-made building materials
Factors to consider when choosing building materials

Module 7: Storage and Waste Management

The importance of appropriate storage within construction and factors to consider when deciding on storage options
Advice for storing different types of construction materials and equipment
What manual handling is and how to mitigate risks associated with it
How to manage waste and how to implement a waste management strategy, to maximise reusing and recycling of materials

Module 8: Purchase Management

A summary of the purchasing process within construction management and reasons why it is important to have a purchasing strategy for maximum benefits
What stock/inventory control is and the factors to consider in its implementation
How to find and choose suppliers as part of the purchasing process
How to successfully negotiate with suppliers

Module 9: Maintaining Quality throughout Construction

Ways to ensure quality in the design and construction phases
The importance of quality assurance and quality control, including the ISO 9000 standards
The importance of site inspections and how to deal with the outcomes of such inspections
Resolving conflict and disputes in construction management

Module 10: Important Legal Contract Information and HR

An overview of different employment statuses, such as employed staff, contractors, subcontractors, agency workers and zero hours contracts
Contractors and subcontractors – advantages and disadvantages of using them and how to work with them in the best possible way
Statutory entitlements and common legal and contractual clauses
Key principles of working with employed staff, agency workers and zero hours contracts

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Level 1-3 Construction Management Diploma Course

Embark on Your Leadership Journey in Construction

Jumpstart your career with our comprehensive Level 1-3 Construction Management Diploma. Designed for those aspiring to leadership roles within the construction industry, this course provides deep insights into effective management practices.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Project Lifecycle Mastery: Gain an in-depth understanding of each construction project phase. From initial planning and design through procurement and project completion, you will master the art of navigating complex challenges with strategic thinking.

Managerial Skills Development: Enhance your leadership capabilities with advanced training in project budgeting, scheduling, and team management. Furthermore, improve your communication skills and learn to manage diverse project teams effectively.

Safety and Compliance: Explore the latest health and safety regulations impacting the construction industry. Additionally, learn how to implement comprehensive safety protocols that not only meet legal requirements but also foster a safety-first culture on-site.

Materials and Resource Management: Discover strategies for efficient sourcing and management of construction materials. Moreover, focus on sustainability and the incorporation of green building practices to minimize environmental impact.

Expanding Your Skills

Technological Integration: Understand the role of modern technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and automated software in streamlining construction processes. Also, consider how these tools can enhance your project management efficiency.

Conflict Resolution: Develop your ability to resolve disputes and maintain team cohesion under challenging project conditions. Additionally, these skills will help you manage interpersonal dynamics effectively, ensuring project success.

Benefits and Professional Advancement

Flexible Learning Options: Study at your own pace, accessible from any location worldwide. Also, tailor your education to fit your personal and professional commitments.

Career Advancement Opportunities: This diploma significantly enhances your professional marketability, preparing you for higher-level positions and leadership roles within the construction industry. Consequently, it opens new pathways for career growth and development.

Comprehensive Support Network: Take advantage of our extensive support options, including interactive webinars, one-on-one mentorship, and access to a community of industry experts. These resources are designed to aid your learning journey and ensure you achieve your educational goals.

Who Should Enroll

Ideal for both seasoned professionals and those new to the field, this program offers the essential foundation and advanced knowledge needed for effective project management and leadership in construction.

Stay Connected

Professional Development with CIOB: Engage with the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) for further insights into industry standards and networking opportunities. Visit CIOB Official Website for more information.


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