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Advertising and Marketing Diploma

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Kickstart your career in advertising and marketing with our comprehensive Diploma course. Designed by industry leaders, this program covers everything from basic marketing principles to advanced advertising strategies. With hands-on projects and expert guidance, you’ll be equipped to create impactful campaigns and drive business success.

Modules Include

Module 1: In-depth Look at Advertising

To learn the difference between advertising and marketing
To understand the components of advertising
To learn about the role as an advertiser
To understand the advertising industry

Module 2 : Media Planning

To learn what media planning is
To understand what a professional media planner does
To learn about the media planning process
To learn about media scheduling

Module 3 : Marketing Strategies

To learn about different types of marketing strategies
To understand how marketing strategies can benefit a business
To learn which marketing strategies might work best for your business
To learn the differences and similarities between marketing strategies

Module 4 : The Purpose of Adverts

To learn about the history of advertising
To learn what advertising can do for a business
To understand about the different methods of advertising
To understand viral advertising

Module 5 : Market Research

To learn about customer research
To understand how important customer research is to a business
To learn how to gauge customer satisfaction
To understand the types of market research

Module 6 : Designing the Budget

To learn how to set an appropriate marketing and advertising budget
To learn about keeping a budget for marketing and advertising
To learn about traditional media channels
To understand how to stick to a budget

Module 7 : Positioning Your Message

To understand what positioning means in a marketing sense
To learn how to define your brand’s message
To understand how to create messages using positioning marketing
To learn the ways to position your message

Module 8 : Elements of an Advertising Campaign

To learn about the different elements of advertising
To understand the key of a successful advertising campaign
To learn which elements work in which circumstances
To learn how to target an audience with an advertising campaign

Module 9 : Recipe for a Perfect Advert

To learn how to create ads for different media
To learn about different advert options
To learn how to write an advert
To understand the parts of a perfect advert

Module 10 : Buying Advertising Space

To learn about the responsibilities of a media buyer
To understand how media buyers identify a target audience
To learn how to buy advertising space
To understand how to decide which advertising space is best for your product

Module 11 : Viral Marketing

To learn how to create a buzz with advertising
To learn different methods to ‘go viral’
To understand how viral marketing works
To see the importance of the customer experience in viral marketing

Module 12 : Mastering the Art of Social Media Marketing

To learn about the significance of social media marketing
To learn how social media marketing can improve an overall marketing plan
To learn how to engage with customers via social media
To learn about social marketing and how you can use it in your company

Module 13 : Avoiding Pitfalls in Marketing and Advertising

To learn about the marketing pitfalls that marketers run into
To learn how to avoid common mistakes
To understand why some advertisements do not work
To learn the importance of research in designing adverts

Module 14 : Understanding the Important Abbreviations in Advertising

To learn about different abbreviations in the marketing industry
To understand how to use these abbreviations in the industry
To learn how to find a unique selling point
To understand how certain advertising tactics work

Module 15: Advertising and the Law in the UK

To understand who regulates UK advertising law
To learn about UK advertising codes
To learn about advertising to children
To understand gambling advertising

Module 16: Print and Online Advertising

To learn the intricate details of print and online advertising
To understand how print media use adverts
To understand how online media use adverts
To learn how to use print advertising for a business

Module 17: Important Advertising Examples

To learn how to examine different advertising types
To see how advertising works in the real world with companies you know
To see examples of common advertising examples from the UK
To learn how billboards can work for a business

Module 18: Career Opportunities in Marketing and Advertising

To learn about different career options in advertising and marketing
To learn how to progress in marketing and advertising
To learn some tips to make yourself attractive to marketing and advertising firms
To understand how to make yourself stand out from the crowd

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Advertising and Marketing Diploma Course


Embark on a transformative journey with our Advertising and Marketing Diploma Course, meticulously designed for those aspiring to scale new heights in their career. Whether you are eyeing a promotion, seeking to enhance your skills in the advertising sector, or contemplating a total career shift, this diploma is perfectly tailored just for you.

Course Overview

This convenient online diploma offers a comprehensive curriculum accessible via the internet. Engage with our modules from any device, anytime—even while commuting. Each module is crafted to take about thirty minutes, ensuring that your learning experience is both manageable and enriching. After completing the course, you’ll take a multiple-choice test and, upon passing, instantly download and print your certificate. Should you need it, a second chance is provided to review the modules and retake the test.

Learning Outcomes

Throughout the eighteen detailed modules, this diploma covers essential advertising and marketing concepts to prepare you for a thriving career. Firstly, you’ll dive into the nuances of media planning. Secondly, you’ll understand the intricate differences between advertising and marketing. Thirdly, you’ll master the art of creating impactful marketing strategies. Additionally, you’ll explore:

  • The significance of market research and various research methodologies.
  • Budget management and message positioning to define and convey your brand’s essence.
  • The creation and execution of comprehensive advertising campaigns.
  • Techniques for purchasing advertising space effectively, targeting the right customers.
  • Advanced topics such as viral marketing and social media strategies.

Moreover, the course provides insights into setting budgets, learning how to adhere to them, and understanding advertising law in the UK, thereby enriching your professional toolkit.


By completing this Advertising and Marketing Diploma, you gain:

  • Crucial knowledge and skills for success in the dynamic advertising industry.
  • The flexibility to study online at your pace, using any internet-connected device.
  • Lifetime access to course materials, supplemented by online tutor support.
  • An affordable pathway to a certified diploma recognized by top employers in the advertising field.
  • Practical skills applicable immediately in your current job, accelerating your professional growth.

Furthermore, participants will enjoy the convenience of studying through interactive online modules and have the opportunity to apply their learning in real-time.


Upon successful completion, receive a certified diploma that enhances your professional credibility and supports your career advancement in advertising and marketing. For further details and enrolment, visit Our Course Page.


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